An 8" square snap frame is the perfect alternative to an embroidery hoop for stitching up your cross stitch projects. This size frame is just the right size for stitching up a regular Stitchsperation Cross Stitch Kit, it's the size I use most frequently for my projects.


The lightweight snap frame measures 8" x 8" and comes in a handamde black cotton Stitchsperation drawstring bag which can also be used for storage when the frame is not in use.


The snap frame is super easy to assemble and disassemble for easy storage. To use, just place your fabric over the frame, then snap the clips over the fabric. To change the tension, just twist the clips. These frames do not leave creases in your fabric like traditional embroidery hoops can - yay!


Tip: Over time the clips can loosen a little, if you find this the case, just place a piece of material over the top of your working fabric underneath the clips, this can also protect your stitches if clipping over the top of completed parts of your design. Quilting cotton or any other thin fabric will work. please make sure whatever you use is colourfast to avoid staining your work.


Please allow 1-2 days for your order to ship. All orders are shipped using Royal Mail.


Cross Stitch Snap Frame - 8"


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