Festive Christmas mini cross stitch kits to welcome the holiday season!


Choose from five different words:Joy, Peace, Hope, Noël or Holly  in either 28ct evenweave or 14ct aida in the following colours (see images for colour examples):


Traditional - Green painted wreath fabric with red floss

Modern - Neon pink and yellow painted wreath fabric with turquoise floss


Choose your fabric choice, colour and number of kits from the drop down and add the kit names you would like in the box (Joy, Hope, Peace, Holly, Noel). If you would like one of each just type ALL. If you would like different fabrics/colours for each kit please leave a comment at checkout when placing your order specifying which colour with which kit.


With these kits, the more you buy, the more you save!


This modern cross stitch kit is perfect for that person who loves modern design, typography, inspirational quotes and taking some time to chill, oh, and Christmas! Just make a cuppa (or G&T!), sit down and relax whilst making a bright, modern, inspirational piece of artwork for your home. If you are interested in practicing mindfulness, cross stitch is a great way to do it.


The kits are designed, handmade and assembled by me in my studio in beautiful Somerset. I paint every piece of fabric by hand so variations will occur.


Please note, this listing is NOT for a finished piece, the photos are just examples, the kit is for you to DIY or as a great DIY gift for a friend!


The designs measure between 56-66 stitches across and 36-52 stitches high.  Each kit uses less than one 8m skein of floss if using 3 strands at a time, less if you use the traditional 2 strands. 


The only other piece you need to complete the kit is an embroidery frame of your choice to keep the fabric taught while you stitch and perhaps a frame to hang it in pride of place when it's finished. Please note, the embroidery hoops in the photos are NOT included.


The fabric in these kits is hand painted to order. Please allow 3-5 business days for your kit to ship. All kits are shipped using Royal Mail.

Mini Christmas Cross Stitch Kits

Fabric + Colour
How many kits?

Both these fabrics can produce the same size design.

Aida is what I call, 'traditional' cross stitch fabric. If you did cross stitch as a kid, you probably did it on this. The holes are very obvious and you can clearly see where the stitches go. Aida is quite stiff and and doesn't always require a frame or hoop to stitch on.  Sticthsperation kits come with 14ct aida which means your design will have 14 stitches per inch. This is perfect for beginners.

Evenweave may seem a little tricker as there are lots of holes, but produces a very clean background which can make the finished kit look like a print from a distance. The term evenweave applies to any fabric that is "evenly woven", so it has the same number of threads per inch in both the vertical and horizontal directions, and all the threads have the same thickness. Evenweave has more drape than aida so it's great if you want to make your finished piece into a cushion or bag.  Stitchsperation kits come with 28ct evenweve, this means there are 28 stitches per inch if you stitch through every hole but the trick with evenweave is to stitch through every other hole, therefore getting 14 stitches per inch - the same as the aida!

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